Thursday, 23 July 2015

Nurturing Thursday

As I progress in my Wild Soul Woman course, this week I'm entering the waters - the seas, the oceans, lakes and rivers.

And this came to mind (Out of Africa is one of my all-time favourite books and films!)

There have already been tears (I expect a lot more), emotional, soul-full sweat, but no visits to the actual sea, as yet :)

And while it's not saltwater, I know only too well the healing powers of the hydrotherapy pool, as my muscles grow and strengthen with each passing week....

Yes, the waters of our beautiful planet hold many a cure...


  1. And the sound of the sea is so calming, too. How nice to live in modern times and be able to fall asleep listening to ocean sounds, even when we are nowhere near the beach. :)

  2. I think, there is nothing more soothing than the sound of the sea, the sight as well as the ebb and flow ... ahhhh!

    1. I followed the link for your course -- sounds interesting. Please keep me posted on how you like it! :-)

  3. Wow, that is absolute truth. I actually moved back to my place of birth, after 8 long years "inland" - because I missed the sea. Now I can walk just ten minutes from my house and look out over the water, breathe in the salt air, and draw my much-needed healing from the ocean. As for sweat, I've just started training again, and the sweat is indeed part of that process of bringing the body back to health. Tears? I've had cause to shed them in my lifetime (who hasn't) but I'm happy to say that lately (knock wood) things have really been looking up. I'm happy to save them for sappy movies and Hallmark commercials.

    P.S. Out of Africa is also one of my favorite movies... I cried for an hour after the movie was over the last time I saw it.


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