June Joy

Small Stone 1

(My Earth Pathways Diary)

A new day, 
A new month,
But still the same 
Wild Heart,


Small Stone 2

My chunk of citrine
Means I carry
Around my neck,
A piece of the sun
Everywhere I go -
Even on the coldest,
Greyest days.


Small Stone 3

(stock image from internet)

Smelling sweet and fruity,
Dreaming of warm sunshine
As cold rain falls.


Small Stone 4

'Selene', Albert Aublet (1880)

Dark Moon,
New Moon,
Digging deep,
I plant dream-seeds.
May they grow
and bloom,
In their own true time.


Small Stone 5

Such beauty, 
Such grace.
Such love, 
Such bravery.
Such a struggle
to create

An honest life.


Small Stone 6

After the rain,
With glossy eye
And shining wing,
The blackbird's song
Lifts the spirits of us all.


Small Stone 7

The stoutly prosaic wall
Shoulders the burden
Of the bush's poetic bounty.


Small Stone 8

Sometimes there are no words,
Just perfect notes

Moving the air
And my soul.


Small Stone 9

('There was the Island' by Jo Booth)

On the dining room wall,
There is a Window
To another World...
Oh please,
Take me there!


Small Stone 10

Once upon a time
The chair's purpose
Was to offer a place to rest.
These days,
Broken and tired,
Nature reclaims it.


Small Stone 11

Small altars
Around our home,
Remind me
Of what's important -
Beauty, Grace, Art,
And timeless tales

Of deer trods
And ancient pathways.


Small Stone 12

Some flowers just make me smile,
Their wide, round faces
Turned to whatever light
They can find.


Small Stone 13

Not knowing its name,
Doesn't make a flower
Any less delightful.


Small Stone 14

Following Virginia's advice,
I 'arrange whatever pieces 
Come my way',
Trying to make sense
Of the chaos.


Small Stone 15

As there is comfort food,
There are comfort books...
An old friend to while away
A rainy afternoon.


Small Stone 16

They loom, large and heavy,
Releasing rain and migraines.


Small Stone 17

(Photo copyright Huddersfield Daily Examiner)

I need to believe
The gentle balms of Love
Are stronger than
 The brutal wounds of Hate.
But can I?
Do I?



Small Stone 18

Not normally a lover of pink,
Even I cannot deny
Perfection when I see it.


Small Stone 19

Novel? Poem?
Words, white space,
Powerful, lyrical,
Like grief itself.


Small Stone 20

Exquisite bloom,
Heavy with scent,
You capture the essence,
Of England's Summer.


Small Stone 21

I love these trees
Especially in the early morning,
When their trunks glow
With the day's promise.


Small Stone 22

Celebrating Life,
The joys of the body
And the voice.
I cannot resist the urge
To join in.


Small Stone 23

The words and image speak to my heart,
But 'no man is an island,' said another,
And as I believe we are stronger together,
 I voted Remain.


Small Stone 24

I see her every day,
As I write within her pages.
She knows my every thought,
And I suspect, even the ones
I can't express.


Small Stone 25

When tired of reading,
And the words start to muddle,
Re-spark your brain
And draw the book.


Small Stone 26

My thoughts are full of nests,
Of building a safe, round place
From twigs, leaves and spit.
The winds of change are swirling,
Rocking the branch on which we sit -
But we'll hold strong together,
As a Family.


Small Stone 27

The softest, whitest gift

Left ready to be discovered
In between the showers -
A sign of peace or cowardice??


Small Stone 28

Hiding under tall grasses,
I espy small faces blinking 
In a rare moment of sunlight.


Small Stone 29

'Blessing of Water' by Birdie Fincham

The container of all
Former certainties
Has broken.
All my hope
Has spilled.
Can it ever
Be gathered
Up again?


Small Stone 30

Nature blooms on regardless
Of the country's mess.
A comfort or a mockery?

I cannot decide...

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  1. Thank you so much for this opportunity and challenge Claire. I learned so much about myself in the process.It meant a great deal. I wish you well on all your ventures and for yourself xxx


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