Thursday, 30 June 2016

Small Stone 30 - Nurturing Thursday

Nature blooms on regardless
Of the country's mess.
A comfort or a mockery?
I cannot decide...


What I can decide is, I must rest...

I've enjoyed writing and sharing these Small Stones both here and on Facebook, but now I'm done, empty, spent. I need to retreat, to tend my bruised soul. June has been a very difficult month...

The June Joy page will remain as long as Facebook allows, so feel free to share any thoughts, images, whenever you feel so inspired :)

Sharing with Becca at Nurturing Thursday.


  1. Nature never mocks, dear friend - it waits for us to be ready to see the comfort.
    You are not alone. Reading through your Small stones and enjoying them xx

  2. Enjoyed your small stones of mindful moments for you ... although from the spiritual standpoint we should live in snippets of mindfulness -- it can take a good amount of energy to record them for sharing! Take your rest -- it is a nurturing move! Thank you for linking to Nurturing Thursday. xoxo


Your comments mean a lot. They show I'm not alone. Thank you!