Wednesday, 16 September 2015

30 Days of Harvest - Day 1

As there's a lull in my Sage/Priestess Training, I decided to sign up for Joanna Powell Colbert's 30 Days of Harvest (there's a wee badge on my sidebar if you want to learn more).

Today's email included this gorgeous, gorgeous image by Wendy Andrew called 'Harvest Night Dreaming'

Joanna talks about 'root energy' 

when everything will soon be outwardly dying. The plants have been harvested, and what is left begins to wither and die back into the ground. As the fruit dies and rots, seeds are released to rest beneath the soil until next spring. The energy that saw the plant through the summer and harvest season will soon be stored in the root.

And suggests we take a photo on the theme - The coming of Autumn...

photo taken on a scoot just over a week ago before the battery died... :( 

There is also a journal prompt

How are you preparing for Autumn and the dark time of the year?

I'm gathering scented candles and books and journal supplies (taking advantage of all the Back to School deals in the shops :) ) I'm starting to create what could be termed a 'Book of Shadows', but which I prefer to call a 'Book of Every Day Magick'...

Collecting information on the Elements (Earth, Fire, Air, Water - and Spirit!), the Moon, Celtic Tree Lore, the Chakras - all things I find interesting and on which I've making notes for the past couple of years. I'm definitely in a gathering/studying/learning mode :)

I plan to post every day on this 30-day 'Sacred Pause', as Joanna calls it - will you join me?

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  1. I look forward to reading your daily posts, Claire! It is going to be a beautiful journey!


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