Friday, 1 January 2016

My Word for 2016

Some years my Word comes easily, others I dither back and forth, thinking I have it but then it fades...

This is been one of those years.

But now I have it, and I know why :)

This has always been a favourite quote. I'm usually a questions girl - why? who? where? what for? But this coming year, I know, is a year that will ANSWER.

And I'm thinking of the verb, not the noun.

I want to ANSWER
  • the call of Nature (Owl called me awake this morning at 4.30 am, so I got up to answer)
  • the call to serve - who, what, where, I've no idea - but I know I must be open to respond
  • to express all I know, deep in my bones, in word, thought and deed
My Word for 2015 was 'Delve', and I certainly feel I dug deep (metaphorically and literally), and I found treasure, and insight, and strength.

This year has a different feel... A more outward aspect... A desire to articulate what I know, to act on that knowledge, to listen out for any knocking, tapping, whispering at my heart, and to be always ready to answer.

The etymology of the word is most interesting - it's from an old Saxon word meaning 'and swear' - and it's a word I still have trouble remembering how to spell (since the stroke, some spellings simply don't make sense!) But knowing the root of the word will help with spelling - just drop the 'd' and the second 'a' from 'and swear' and I have it :)

Looking forward to hearing what your Word is for 2016... Do share!


  1. This is lovely. You are remarkable. I did a facebook meme that said my word is wisdom. I'm okay with that.

    1. A very fine Word - it was one of my possibles, along with divine, sage, intuit and fearless...
      Then I found ANSWER kind of tied them all together :)

  2. It works very well! And I loved learning the etymology.

    1. Words, words, words - I LOVE 'em! And I'm always ready to learn more :) x

  3. My word for the year 2016 is GROWTH. :-)
    Treesister Patricia Oliphant


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