Friday, 1 January 2016

Day 1 Winter Sadhana - Remember

The overall theme of month-long practice is 'Holding the Light' (image from


So much inspiration in today's email... How did Jan know I needed to 'gather up the scatterings' of my Soul?

I lit my Sadhana candle in the early morning gloom and wrote this...

The Roundness of Me

I lie here, eyes closed,
Feeling the roundness of my eyes
in their sockets.
I feel my breath, in and out,
through my round nostrils.
I feel the ball of my heart
pumping blood through
the tubes of my veins.
I touch the roundness of my belly
With the round flatness of my palm,
Imagining the round cells dividing
in my womb,
creating a new life.
I am round -
not like a zero.
I am not Nothing.
More like a bowl,
a container.
In my roundness,
I hold Life, Breath, Being.
In my roundness,
I am One, I am whole.
I am an Ouroboros,
I have no beginning, no end.
I eat my own tail.
I devour my own shadow.
In me are darkness and light,
Always turning, as day follows night,
as Spring follows Winter,
as Autumn follows Summer,
Without end.
There is no clash of opposites,
All is One,
All is balanced.
See, in the roundness of me,
I carry the whole world.

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  1. Wonderful poem Claire, is it a new course you are joining?


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