Thursday, 31 December 2015

Winter Sadhana

It has been a wonderful festive period in our home, but it's left me exhausted and wrung out.

Time with family is always precious, but it throws off my daily routine of activity and rest...

And our baby girl turned 18 on 29 December, so the house was full of giggling girls watching movies, eating Chinese take-away and making cocktails!

E and her best friend C getting the place decorated ready for the party - blowing up balloons, putting a banner on the front door...

Now as we see out the old year and get ready to welcome the new, I need some peace, some prayer, and some guidance. So I've signed up for Jan Lundy's Winter Sadhana - 31 days of silence, reflection and prayer (all for less than a dollar a day!) - just what I need to centre me for 2016...

You will have noticed some changes on the blog. I've created a new page 'Miscellaneous' on which I've gathered the pages created in 2015 - the collages I made in June, the Wild Woman course, 30 days of Autumn and Very Virginia. And there's a new page for this January practice of sadhana. I aim to post something each of the 31 days - having had a wee blog break, I'm itching to get posting again :)

And in the meantime, I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year xxxx

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