Thursday, 7 January 2016

Day 7 - Meditating on Peace

Today we were given a guided meditation on this poem prayer

I am in the temple of quietness.
Peace fills my body.
Peace fills my heart.
and dwells within my love.
Peace within, without, everywhere.
Infinite peace surrounds my life
and permeates all the moments of my existence.
Peace unto myself.
Peace unto my family.
Peace unto my nation.
Peace unto my world.
Peace unto my cosmos.
Paramahansa Yogananda. Source:

I listened as Jan said the poem several times, and as I sank into a place of peace, I 'saw' myself walking... walking in deep darkness... And all I could 'hear' over and over was: 'Walk on this Path, you know the Way...'
 Walk on this Path, 
You know the Way...

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  1. I definitely need more of this peace... for some reason, the time just after the New Year feels the most distracted and hectic to me. So much cleaning to do, so much to put away, so much to be gotten rid of - it rubs the brain raw! I suppose before the holidays, there is all that "looking forward to", so afterward it's just the hectic left.


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