Friday, 8 January 2016

Day 8 - Winter Storm Watch

Another guided meditation today to develop the practice of 'kind witness' to any strong emotion that threatens to overwhelm...

To feel it, to name it, to locate it in my body, and eventually to have my Wise Self escort it away...

Deep blue, swirling Sadness
Swelling up in my throat,
I feel you,
I see you, 
I hear you moan.
Gently at first,
But getting louder,
More anguished,
As I witness your pain.

I fear I'll choke on you,
Solid ball of Sadness,
But I keep breathing,
Calmly through my nose,
Hearing you moan.
Eventually you quieten,
I breathe more freely.
You are seen, 
You are named,
Now you are free
To go.


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    1. (Shifted my comment to another post here 'cause I updated the photo!)

  2. Yes. I will make your, "Now you are free to go ..." a mantra of my own to ease the passage of dark clouds and storms. Thanks, Claire, as always.
    ~ Kitty/Kit


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