Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Day 6 - Gentle Down

From today's email...

is there a gentle creature who holds a special place in your heart? Invite the spirit of that creature in (or perhaps a pet?) to cuddle up to you and share his/her tenderness so you can be softened and opened. Breathe in the breath of kindness. Breath out gentleness. Fold your attention in upon yourself and receive your own goodwill. Gentle yourself down into a sweet spot of divine care. 

Molly-cat knows how to 'gentle down' and spending time with her will always soften and open my heart.

On a day when thick, grey fog 'rubs its back upon the window-panes', I have to house to myself (for the first time in what feels like months), I delight in 'gentling down', spending time with my kitty, soaking up the gentle silence in 'a sweet spot of divine care'...

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