Monday, 3 August 2015

On the mountain...

Elephants of Ambolesi National Park in the shadow of Kilimanjaro (my favourite mountain!)


After a week of turmoil in the Oceans, I followed the rivers up to their Source - high up in the Mountains... And as Mary's Wild Soul Mandala declares, there I Climbed to Clarity, seeing things as if for the first time...

Knowing that I, like the mountains, create my own weather,
Knowing that I, like them, am grounded in who I am,
Knowing that I, too, rise from my core,
Pushing through friction and conflict,
Using the power of authenticity
To stand strong in my values,
I erupt into Service.

Thank you, Mary for these powerful, powerful images!

Invigorated by the clear mountain air, I read this book in only two days (first time I've read so quickly since the stroke!!)

Here, in The Women's Wheel of Life, I am in the Autumn of my years, moving from Mother to Matriarch to Priestess...

And with such crystal clarity, I knew I must commit to this - something I've been pondering for a long, long time...

Sage Priestess Training

It's a BIG commitment - on many levels - but I've noticed as I've moved through the Landscapes of my Soul, I was being called to stand tall in the Desert; in the Forest I declared I was 'a tall tree struck by lightning'; then in the Ocean I lost my Self... my bearings... my footing. I was Ungrounded (thanks, Caroline!)....

I re-realized, as I'd observed before this journey began, I must be rooted, if I am to flow!

And there's nothing more rooted than a mountain.

And nothing taller than a mountain in the landscape. 

So I am standing even taller than a woman in the desert, or a tree in the forest, I am standing tall and strong in my values, and preparing myself to be of service in a whole new role...

Oh my giddy aunt!! 


  1. Wonder-full, Claire! Beautiful image, words, and intentions. We are shape-shifters, indeed!

    1. Indeed, we are, dear Kate, indeed we are...
      Though it IS a tad scary...

  2. Replies
    1. I know, Alison, but it is really rather scary...
      Hope I have courage enough for the journey :/ Feel very inadequate...

  3. Two hands at my heart Claire.....and then one moves to take yours as we all walk this journey together....

    1. Now you've made me cry, Gaye! Thank you so much for taking my hand, dear Wild Soul Sister x

  4. It is always there Claire for those times that we all need a bit of "soul" support....Your Wild Elder Soul Sister

  5. Hi Claire, it's a big commitment, but I know you are ready for it. Hugs!

    1. Thank you, dear Elizabeth, I believe I am :D xxx

  6. Claire, It is so inspiring to see the growth in you! You have fully embraced this experience and given it your all...and that is how we get the most our of our journeys. And how you have a new path to embark upon! It does seem like a huge commitment, but if it has spoken to your soul then I know you will step into it with the same courage and positivity as you have Wild Soul Woman. I'm so happy for you! I still haven't started my letter to you, sadly. Our special needs son broke/displaced his ankle and needed surgery to put in a plate and 5 screws, poor guy! More details on that when I write you. But, I am finding more time and energy than I've had over the past week and half, so I should get started on it soon :) Many blessings and peace to you. Sara


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