Friday, 31 July 2015

Blue Holly Moon Dreamboard

Wow, what a special time! Today is a Blue Moon - the second Full Moon in the same calendar month. No surprise there's a fair bit of blue in today's dreamboard! I gathered these images late last night under the bright gaze of an almost-full moon, but could not stay up long enough for her to reach her peak...

So I came back early this morning to stick down the pictures and write this post, now Mama Luna is truly at her fullest :D

The Holly Moon's theme has been 'coming back to Source'... asking myself 'What IS important?' 'What is essential?' These big questions were in my mind as I 'chose' the images...

Left-hand page

Top right is a favourite We'Moon image I've been saving - 'Moon Goddess' by Marion Cloaninger (2002), next to her a lovely Toast model. Below her is another We'Moon page entitled ROOTS corresponding to this moon (July 15 - August 14) with the amazing 'Rainbow Blesser' by Cher Lyn (2000). Finally this wonderful rewording of the Our Father by Jennifer Webster (2003) - The wee image is 'Altar I' by Ulla Anobile (1998):

Our Mother, who art all around us,
blessed be thy children
Thy blessings won, thy work is done
on earth and in the heavens

Give us this day, the strength and trust
to confront our fears
As we challenge those who would use our fear against us

Guide us in the struggle
with love and peace
to create a new world
of justice, joy and harmony

For thine is the beauty
and the love of creation
In the circle forever,

Blessed be.


Right-hand page

Top left is a page from last year's quote-a-day calendar:
I thrive best hermit style

Most definitely true as 95% of ME is submerged, hidden, unexplored...

Then a vintage Vogue photo from the 1960s, I think, with the words Learn, Live, Dream clipped from a magazine ad - a mantra for me :)

Bottom right is a stunning We'Moon image called 'Rooted in Reverence, Seated in Spirit' by Mara Berendt Friedman (2006) which speaks deeply to me on oh so many levels...

Then the Liberation card from Arnell Ando's tarot with the words 'All we're ever looking for is an open door', and finally a favourite quote I typed out:

In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton

I just love this moonboard - the images came easily, the lay-out even easier - everything just FIT, slotted into place...

I feel stuff shifting... deep below the surface of my Being...

May we all be richly blessed by this beautiful Blue Moon - what a gift!


  1. Hi Claire, couldn't wait to see your post today. Yes, the blue moon is here, I haven't seen it yet, hope I can see her beauty tonight, no clouds around. Love the tarot card "liberation", I have the feeling you have chosen it for me, perfect timing. Happy blue moon to you!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Indeed I did, dear Elizabeth, indeed I did :) xxx

      Had to delete the first comment - totally FULL of typos... ooops!!

  2. Replies
    1. Well, I knew it wasn't for me... [heehee]

  3. Marvellous moon and all your pictures!
    Have a blessed August

    The summer is passing over so fast in this year, but I'm looking forward for my beloved autumn time - the first japanese anemons are blooming in my garden...

    1. You too, dear one!!
      Autumn is my favourite season too :) I confess I'm guilty of wishing away the summer, but I just ADORE September/October - the light, the air, the smells...

    2. Septemberlight is the finest light of the year (in our region)
      Oktobercolors and smells, hmmmmmmmm
      The best lies ahead!

      Our German poet-woman Eva Strittmatter wrote many wonderful poems about this time. Only I can't translate the beauty of her voice in English.

    3. I googled her - she was very beautiful - both in youth and old age :)
      Sadly, I can't find English translations of any of her poems...
      One of my lifelong favourite poets is John Keats - his Ode to Autumn is very famous!

  4. Hi Claire! Lovely post, I adore the blue moon as well. Last night it was so large in the sky I felt as if I could reach out and touch it! Have a beautiful week! xx

    1. Thank you, Grace :)
      It's very magickal when the moon looks so big, isn't it? Here, it wasn't big, but it was VERY bright!

  5. Just the other day at work someone was saying how much they loved the heat and sun of summer. I said, "I'm more of an autumn girl." For me, October is the best month of every year. The smell of decaying leaves on the ground in the afternoon sun is one of the best on earth! The cool, breezy nights, the fires, the moon... makes my blood sing!

    1. Me too, me too! Wish I could send you my memories of early October mornings in Oxford... the light through the trees, the warm honeyed stones, the college bells peeling, the mist sitting just about the river, the rowers powering through...
      Some of my most vivid and treasured memories :) xx


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