Thursday, 13 August 2015

Nurturing Thursday: Simple Beauty

I have been enjoying this book and this (hours of pleasure for only a tenner!)

This is one of my favourite Holbein drawings, which I come back to again and again...

A few simple lines, a hint of coloured crayon, and a life story unfolds before your eyes...

As Leonardo da Vinci said, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

And Holbein's drawings have an elegant simplicity and honesty that speak to me much more than any of his celebrated oil paintings. They feed and nurture my Soul...

Sharing with Becca at Nurturing Thursday.


  1. lovely Holbein's drawing, thanks Claire :)

  2. Oh I love both the drawing and the quote, Claire! Both are beautiful in their simplicity. Have a lovely weekend! xx

    1. Will do, Grace, thank you :) Yes, I'm a tad in love with these drawings, I'd love to emulate them...

  3. Love the image, and Leonard is more than right!


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