Monday, 10 August 2015

Settling Down...

As we come to the end of the Wild Soul Woman course (final call tomorrow :( ), I'm adjusting my rhythm from deep soul exploration to a settled time of reflection and contemplation.

It's been a full-on few weeks, and I now need time to unpack, lay out and ponder all I've learned and discovered...

But for now, here's my Grasslands collage

My first thought, on seeing the completed collage is the contrast between light and shade on both pages, then the colourful palette on the left-hand page contrasting with the more muted palette on the right...

These things are never conscious when I collage - I only 'see' them when I step back from the completed pages.

Left-hand page

The large image saved from an old Papaya Art planner was 'found' first with the words 
'Breathe, Believe, Receive' across the top and the words 'It's All Happening' written below, quickly followed by the page from an old We'Moon diary

Hearts Wildly Open
Breathe love
into the cup
of your hands
and place your flaming
palms against your heart.
Let this warmth
melt your fears
like wax before a fire
and watch the delicious
softening reveal
the wildflower
of your heart.
We must live
with Hearts Wide Open
Hearts Wildly Open.
Kali Heydel 2006

The image is called 'Keep a Fire Burning in Your Heart' by Robyn Waters (1998).

Too, too perfect!

The page is finished by a clipping from an old clothes catalogue (I just loved the pale green colour) and a Greg Spalenka postcard - his androgynous figures always speak to my Soul...

Right-hand page

These images kind of speak for themselves, don't you think??


  1. Claire, I love both sides of this entry! Breathe, believe, receive...such wisdom in three little words! xx

  2. Hi Claire, yes the images speak by themselves. The path on the 2nd page means lots of possibility, I'm sure that lots of paths are open for you now that you finished your course. How is the Reclaiming the wild soul book, let me know if I should order it?


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