Friday, 14 August 2015

New Hazel Moon Dreamboard

There is a definite autumnal feel in the air, and some of the trees' leaves are turning... I can sense the Presence of my favourite season and it's appearing on my dreamboard as we welcome the deep wisdom of the New Hazel Moon :)

Left-hand page

Two old Papaya Art planner pages set the scene, plus the words 'Recovering a Sense of Abundance'. Then a page from an old Susan Seddon Boulet diary with the image 'Northern Lights' (1990) and this quote from a favourite lady: 

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.
Amelia Earhart

And two magazine images and the words 'Trust your intuition', 'Inner Wisdom', 'Tree of Knowledge' - messages from the Hazel tree.

Right-hand page

A favourite We'Moon diary page, I've been saving for a rainy day (like today!), with a wonderful poem by Caitlin Chero (2009), and the image Ocean Sanctuary by Susan Lirakis (2008):
Dusty cobblestones glow in the darkness
I walk out thinking the moon is illuminating them
but the sky is only pinkness
A city engulfed in its own smog and light
Red sky prophesies say this is the end of days
A lone frog singing says the days will last
Outside I am overcome
Inside I am too big for my own cage
Shining intensity at my own smog
It glows too brightly
to see the moon
or stars beyond
I wait for a shift
For things to end
Or for a miracle
that will come
and clean everything
Like the rain
the frog is calling.

A lovely autumnal image from an old Toast catalogue and a postcard I designed and had printed for an art challenge a few years ago which reads:
With every step
I take inside,
Truth comes closer.

A gorgeous image of a wooden stile from County Living and the words Choose with no regret, two wee stickers - one saying 'sanctuary', the other, 'believe', a pensive Toast model and finally the wonderful words The Journey Begins.

I've always seen September as the month of possibilities, the beginning of a new school year, and with this New Hazel Moon, I sense the beginnings of an adventure, a fluttering of anticipation, which I think is permeating this dreamboard...

I'd love to know what you see/feel when you look at it :)


  1. It looks to me like a transition from summer on the left to more muted autumn on the right. I love autumn but I don't yet feel we've had summer!

    1. You're so right, Alison, I didn't see it when I put it together... I do love that folk see things I don't :) xx

  2. Hi Claire, gorgeous pages as usual, new moon and full moon, I have to check your posts as fast as I can. Love to see your pages, this time the words got my attention more than the images, "Go slow and choose with no regret", I need them, I'll copy in my journal. Lovely new moon for you, and fall is on this way here too!

    1. Those words stood out for me too Elizabeth, as did the stile photo... I feel I'm off somewhere, just don't know where yet :) xx

  3. Claire, this is lovely. I would love to have your stash of images. I need to make mine today and get it posted.

    1. It's only taken a decade of not throwing stuff away, Kate!! :) Looking forward to seeing yours xxxx

  4. The words "New Hazel Moon" have a lovely energy to them. Very fitting for the start of an adventure! :)


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