Thursday, 25 June 2015

Nurturing Thursday - Collage no. 25

This will be my last nurturing collage as I enter the last few days of my month-long challenge. All these images and words whisper Nurture to me...

Left-hand page

The gorgeously simple Will Barnet postcard reminds me of my daughter reading in bed, Molly-cat beside her; the We'Moon page called 'Symbiotic Dance' reminds me that ALL life is inextricably linked; the page from my quote-a-day calendar tells me friends are everywhere and the nurturing circle never ends; the colour birdboxes remind me to care for our feathered friends, and the spools of yarn remind me to nurture all crafts, skills and talents.

Right-hand page

The large photo from Country Living shows two of my favourite nurturing things - fresh fruit and books! The famous painting by Berthe Morisot of a mother watching her child sleep, and the lovely postcard of a dreaming girl remind me of the nurturing powers of sleep and motherhood.

The nurturing quote in the bottom right corner reads:

Our real personality is all light, all love, always shining. 

And as Elizabeth asked me to share a photo and a quote for 3 days, here's today's :)

Sharing it all with Becca and other nurturing souls...


  1. Hi Claire, this collage is very relaxing, love the dragonfly up there, the quote is lovely too. Can't believe how this month went by so fast. Have a nice day!

  2. I love the sleeping blue face, so full of peace and restfulness. :)

    1. Yes, she's lovely, isn't she? Can't remember where I got her - I'm working with images I've been collecting for over a decade!

  3. You have done so well with your challenge of collage -- resulting in some lovely pages. I particularly like the wise old tree with the imposed dragonfly! Thank you for sharing with us through Nurturing Thursday! Kuddos for your project! I am starting a meditation through watercolor journal on the 1st -- it is for 21 days! I hope I am as successful with mine, as you seem with yours! :)

    1. That sounds fun, Becca. Hope you'll share your project with us :)
      Can't believe I've almost completed the month - where do the days go??


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