Friday, 26 June 2015

Collage no. 26

There seems to be a theme in today's collage - being outside, Nature's wide open spaces, yet...

Right-hand page

To mix it up, here's the right-hand page first - I sense the little girl with the big book is the key... that's where the magic happens...

Left-hand page

And the large image of the cute typewriter desk with the log wallpaper confirms it... reading and writing about both the natural world and magical realms is where my heart is.

But where the cogs and the number 13 came from is anyone's guess... Other than it's one of my favourite numbers - the number of the goddess and abundance (think, baker's dozen!)

And here's my third quote for Elizabeth's challenge - an all-time favourite :D

Wishing you a fabulous Friday!


  1. Yes, stories about the natural world rather than actually being out in it, that's how the theme came across to me also. And a challenge, perhaps, to bring the two more closely together? Just a thought...

  2. If I hadn't already known we were kindred spirits, the typewriter and the #13 would have told me so.

    1. We speak the same language, don't we??

    2. Och, aye! (I've been watching the latest episodes of "Outlander", can ye tell? *wink*)

  3. Love it! Reading (gathering information) and writing (sending out our view), nothing more plenty than this. Thanks for joining the challenge, I ended mine with Rumi too, his poems and quotes say everything. Have a great day!


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