Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Collage no. 24

Today's collage is a bit of a mishmash - no particular theme/message, just a collection of images I like for their inherent beauty or what they represent for me.

My energy levels are low today - a busy weekend + two more busy days = exhaustion - so I won't write any more about today's collage.

But the lovely Elizabeth did invite me to join a wee challenge - post a photo and a quote for 3 days.

So, if it's not cheating, here's a favourite quote that's on today's collage. The painting's by Liz Marsh of Elm Gallery Arts.

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  1. Hi Claire, this week is really long, I couldn't believe that was still Wednesday, I had to ask my husband 2 times if he was sure, I thought it was Thursday. Hope you are feeling better now. Your collage is lovely and the birds quote is so perfect and cute! Thanks for accepting the challenge! Hugs to you!


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