Wednesday, 1 June 2016

June Joy - Small Stone 1

(My Earth Pathways Diary)

A new day, 
A new month,
But still the same 
Wild Heart,


Not quite sure what I'm on about, see here :)

If you'd like to join in, leave a comment below sharing your small stone, or a link to your blog/website.

Or, if you prefer, I've created a Facebook page just for June Joy... I'm not on instagram and rarely use pinterest, but if you want to post there, feel free :D

And if you just want to join in quietly, privately, that's good too...

Looking forward to sharing together throughout the month of June :) 


  1. Claire, so lovely. I look forward to reading your small stones each day! xx

  2. Love those small stones, small snippets of feelings, and really enjoyed yours! I was published in the last book a river of stones!

    1. How wonderful! Where can one get the book, or was it online?

    2. claire, I think you'd have to email satya to ask. I have no idea, as I ordered mne from her.

    3. Will email her, thanks krissy :) xx


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