Monday, 30 May 2016

June Joy - Mindful Writing

Last year, throughout the month of June I made a Collage a Day (you can find them over on the Miscellaneous page).

So I wanted to commit to a similar daily practice this June. Recently a friend commented how much she enjoyed my Small Stone writings, which I did way back in January 2014, so I've decided to revisit the practice. A new month, in a new year, and hopefully some new insights...

So what is a Small Stone?

I've found the best definition here. Essentially, it's a few words written each day in response to a sight, a sound, a taste, a thought... As Satya says,

To find your own small stones:

1. Keep your eyes, nose, mouth, fingers, ears & your mind open.

2. Notice something.

3. Write it down.

Will you join me??


  1. Hello Claire,
    I'm glad to have met you through the lovely comment you left at my blog. Your June joy is such a good idea, but I am not wonderful at keeping up with prompts in public...but please know you've inspired me to be more devoted to my chronicling of what I notice in the small daily square of my calendar, as I've done off and on for thirty years. xo

    1. So lovely to hear from you, Lesley, and lovely to think you've been inspired :) Your corner of WebLand is just SO beautiful, you have certainly inspired me!!
      Don't feel you have to participate in any public way, just to know you're out there in the world is enough :) xx

  2. I look forward to reading your offerings of joy.


Your comments mean a lot. They show I'm not alone. Thank you!