Sunday, 22 May 2016

The Kindest Thing...

Last week a very wonderful thing happened...

I'd been pondering taking this course (it's quite an investment for me moneywise). And I asked the members of the Mojo Lab FB page if anyone had taken it and what they thought of it...

And what d'ya know?? An ultra-kind person paid for my place!!

What a generous, thoughtful gesture! They wish to remain anonymous, but I so want to thank them!

I do believe it answers this question perfectly:
What's the kindest thing anyone's done for you?

from my 100 Questions toolkit. I love using these cards as prompts for journal writing :) 

So here I am all set up ready for tomorrow...

I found the cards Victoria uses in the course secondhand on ebay for a couple of pounds. I have a new notebook nestled into my trusty Oberon cover, which I bought many moons ago when we lived in the US.

It depicts the Three Graces EuphrosyneAglaea and Thalia, who were said to represent Beauty, Charm and Joy.

I don't know exactly what to expect over the next 3 weeks, but I do know already I have experiences all three of the Graces ;D

>_< Thank you, Kind Stranger >_<


  1. Generosity is catching! Bless your benefactor and enjoy!

  2. Beautiful - see you on the course Claire x


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