Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Daily Divine - Day 2

Our task for today was to get to know our deck - by laying out every card in numerical order. I chose to lay them out as a winding path (left to right to left to right...)

It was impossible to get a full photo of all 54 cards, but you get the idea

Laid out like this, I could really see a rhythm of colour and shade - dark to light, greens to blues, browns to yellows...

We were to choose one card which caught the eye. I chose this - it was almost dead-centre and I think it 'popped' as it lay between two lighter, brighter cards...

And boy, as I studied it, did it call me home - literally!

I would LOVE to live inside an ancient tree, deep in the forest, with my spirit animal, Barn Owl, to keep me company!

I adore gothic-style doors and windows. My dream home is a converted church/chapel. Churches have always been a sanctuary for me.I know some find them intimidating and scary. I just instantly relax as soon as I cross the threshold! I love the coolness of the stone and the deep, still quiet.

And I've always had a 'thing' for clocks, since childhood. A distant relative (my mother's second cousin), whom I always used to call Uncle Tom, collected and repaired clocks. I was fascinated by his workshop, and when I was old enough, I was shown how to wind and set all the clocks in his house. 

As I gazed on this card, I could hear the chorus of ticking, and every 15 minutes the chiming that filled his home... He died several years ago and the clocks were all sold or given away, but for a few minutes I was close to him again, close to his gentle Spirit.

And next to the clock is a wooden plaque which reads 'Welcome LIFE' - I wonder if that is what the shaft of light illuminating the upper window means? The golden light of Life...

There are many more details in the card, but these elements are what struck me the most... I sense there's a lot more to discover/uncover as I spend time with each card.

Boy, what an adventure!!


  1. I knew we were sisters! Add to the arched doors, clocks, and church houses: skeleton keys, Angkor Wat roots, and bamboo.

    1. Yes, yes and yes - love all those things too :) Part of wanting to live in a church/chapel is to have the big, proper key! xx


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