Saturday, 16 April 2016

Snow falling on blossoms...

Do you remember that bookgroup favourite from the 1990s? Well, here's this morning in our back garden...

I would blame the vagaries of global warming if I didn't know we had exactly the same weather back in April 1989 - subzero temperatures the week before our wedding - trying to communicate to hubby-to-be's Californian relatives that it was REALLY cold, and that they should pack for skiing weather before they flew to join us for the wedding.

They didn't believe us and had to raid this shop's winter stock when they arrived (I don't remember there being such amazing sales back then before the Age of Austerity!!)

As I write and rework stories for my Book of Life, I'm finding so many things remind me of other things... Life simply isn't linear - we spiral back and forth, revisiting events, reliving moments, connecting present and past...

I watch my daughter preparing for her A levels, and I relive my own 18-year-old experiences... She shares her anxieties and hopes for life at university, and I remember my own nervous excitement at the prospects before me in 1982 (although I couldn't share them with my mother - we were not close).

And I realize here this April morning, as I watch the silent snow fall as it did 27 years ago, I am that daughter, I am that mother. I am All-I-have-been and All-I-am-yet-to-be... I am snow falling on blossoms...


  1. Yes, isn't it amazing how everything is connected! I remember going to see "S.F.o.C." in the theater, and really enjoying it. Never read the book, though. And I also have panicky pre-wedding memories... back in 2002, we were having an outdoor wedding at my mom's house down south... and it rained for four days, right up until the day before the wedding! We were dreading hauling ourselves around in mud and oomska, but happily the wedding day was dry. A bit cloudy and breezy, perhaps, but dry! Best day of my life.

  2. Dear Clare, so much to catch up here, I always visit your blog during the full moon, you come to my mind without I expect. Interesting! I didn't know that the title of your book is A book of life, it's lovely, but this one is the same you started last year? Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend!


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