Tuesday, 12 April 2016

I'm reading this...

... a slender volume (114 pages), but it's packed with beautifully written vignettes to illustrate the author's insights on 'Writing & Life'.

Last night I didn't take my hayfever medication, so today I have scratchy, runny eyes and nose, itchy skin all over but a crystal-clear mind! I can think straight for the first time in over a week - so I'm reading, and pondering, and writing...

I have a plan for this year - to create a scrapbook of my life. I'll use photos to prompt memories, stories, written snapshots.

I would love to have such an object by my own mother (instead of dateless, random photos), so while the kids may have no interest in it right now (their own lives are MUCH more interesting than their 'boring' mum's!), they may enjoy it when they're 'old' like me :D

Me aged about 2

I hesitate to call it a memoir, and it's certainly not an autobiography, but it is a 'project' - something for me to get my teeth into. I hope to have a good, daily writing routine going by the time September rolls in... the dreaded 'empty nest' when E leaves for uni... GULP!


  1. Awww such a beautiful keepsake for the kids - I wish I had something similar form my mum. There's lots f memories that I want to ask her about now I'm older, and those chances are gone.
    I seem to remember you doing something in a lovely old leather bound journal when the kids were little too?
    Over the years I've done mini scrapbooks of day to day things, just going to the cinema and jotting down a favourite quote from the film, or ticket stubs from train and bus journeys and jotting down what I did and who with. I never make it through a year though....! Good luck on the journey xx

  2. Thats a really good idea, although having said that I dont think I would have the patience to carry that over a year or more. . . although hoping it works for you! Such a cute photo of you Claire! and . . . I wish my mum had kept some records of my growing up apart from photos theres nothing else!

  3. Oh, the dreaded empty nest! It is good you are planning ahead with activities that will engage you. I found that to be so helpful! xx

  4. Sounds like a great project! I know what you mean about wishing you had one from your mom... my poor mom had her house broken into some years ago, and they stole the box containing her photo albums of baby pictures of my sister and I.... heartbreaking!


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