Sunday, 15 November 2015

NaNoWriMo update

This candle has been burning since yesterday morning... 
I need to know the Light will prevail, and the Darkness cannot put it out...

And on The Novel...

As I hit the halfway point, I'm lagging behind, but have written more than 20,000 words! But the second week was SO much harder than the first...

My energy has dipped way down; I'm bored by the story, the characters, the so-called plot; some days I've barely managed to write a 1,000 words, hence I'm behind schedule :/

But I plough on... Trusting it will get better...Remembering my original objectives - to write every day for 30 days, to create a writing habit - whether I feel inspired or not; and to fill this mighty, handcrafted tome with my messy handwritten words. 

And whether I cross the 50,000-word finish line or not, I will have created something that didn't exist on 31st October - the first draft of a novel.

Something I never thought I'd create!


  1. Keep going, Claire, you will do it. ... Inspiration for me too, lately have not written much, writer's block, methinks. xx

    1. Bless you Wendy! We must cheer each other on... After a difficult few days, I had a better day today - almost 1900 words today :) Let's keep on keeping on...

  2. Claire, you are so inspiring! You can do this, my friend, we are all cheering you on! xx

    1. Bless you Grace! The cheers are working - had a much better day today :D xx

  3. Claire, You are doing great. Week 2 is always the hardest. Just keep writing, don't think about plot, just keep on writing. It can all be fixed in the editing so don't worry about that. Your job is just to put words down on the paper. Go read the pep talks on the Nano website. Neil Gaiman's talk from years ago is my all time favorite.


    1. Thank you SO much for this, Kate! I've bookmarked Neil Gaiman's pep talk - it is indeed excellent - exactly what I needed to 'hear'!
      Thank you, my dear friend xx


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