Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tarot Tuesday - A day late, again!

I wonder if I should just call it quits and go for Tarot Wednesday posts...

Anyway yesterday, of course, was the Full Moon, so my Moonboard took precedence, but what I did do was this Tarot spread after I made my board.

The Full Moon Tarot Spread
(image used with permission)

While I've only been learning Tarot a few weeks, I've already found I really like Ethony's spreads - they are clear and simple, and perfect for a beginner like moi :)

And these are the cards I drew...

1. The Star
2. 3 of Swords
3. Temperance
4. 10 of Wands

Now, as a novice some interpretations seem obvious, others less so.

Clearly, What I know is that the world is a magickal, beautiful place when we have eyes to see it. While it's a cliche, it's no less true - the darkest night is when the stars shine brightest :)

But, What is hidden is harder for me to read as I'm less conversant with the Minor arcana... The Swords indicate pain, hardship, but I'm less sure what the 3s represent. 

When I drew the Where to focus card, I laughed out loud - 'Tell me something I don't know!' I said. I had already put a Temperance card on my Full Moon dreamboard as it clearly wanted to be included! I've certainly got the message of where I need to focus loud and clear :)

This part of Ethony spread confused me a little... As a person who endeavours to live authentically, I try and minimize any illusions, so What illusion do I need to drop?? I certainly don't feel burdened in any way - if anything, I feel under-utilized, I miss the pressure of the freelance work I used to do. So again, what illusion do I need to drop?? I confess I'm confused :/

So if any skilled readers can help me out, I'd certainly appreciate their insights!


  1. I am not a skilled reader but from my learning so far:
    3s relate to fruition/expansion, so 3 of swords can mean a storm of emotions/conflict expressed as anger rather than sadness, and growth will result from it.
    For drop the illusion, is there something about still holding on to who you used to be - the person who liked pressure - so that seeing yourself as under-utilized suggests that you don't value you yourself for who you are now and all that you bring.

    1. Oh Alison, thank you SO much for this! As I read your thoughtful comment, I KNEW you were right! Some things we simply cannot see, but when others point them out, they are suddenly illuminated and obvious! Thank you soooo much!!
      [HUGS] x

  2. I have never done Tarot cards but find Astrological Signs interesting from time to time. Interesting post.

    1. I'm the opposite, Renee - I find astrology confusing - all the numbers and signs and houses... A tad too much like maths :D
      By contrast, Tarot is pretty pictures and story-telling... Much more me!


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