Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Full Ivy Moon Dreamboard

What a busy week... 

October is ending with quite a flourish - TWO guest blog posts (last Friday and Saturday), learning Tarot (will post tomorrow), Hallowmas/Samhain festivities this coming Saturday and on Sunday I begin NaNoWriMo!

All illuminated by a beautifully bright Full Hunter's Moon (which, once again, I cannot see - SO much low cloud/mist here... ho hum :/) Thankfully I don't have to see it to feel it!

Left-hand page

Top left is a great scrapbooking paper from my stash, on which I've stuck some smaller elements.

The words are clipped from this year's We'Moon diary:

May you say yes
to the adventures
that scare you 
and emerge
from the darkness
(excerpt Caitlin Chero 2010)

Just perfect for me as I prepare to write a novel in the month of November!

Next to this is a wee Papaya Art image and the Temperance Tarot card. She fair leaped out of the drawer - clearly I need to balance excitement and fear, light and dark, rest and work!

At the bottom of the page are two pieces from an old We'Moon diary, where the words and image are just perfect:
How long will it take 
to become snow    the lattice
of water frozen into flower?
How long to become rock
solid    unnoticed support
for the feet?    How long
to be tree    rooted
swaying for centuries?
To simply breathe and see
a snare for the tangle it is
at the moment    To not
constantly wind back
what has lost its way
but to sit with
pain   gardenia    a handful
of pebbles scattered
each stone unturned    its own
universe   shifted by wind
or water   The moon as
simply   a moon   each
fist unfolds to 
finally   hold
(Words by Claire Blotter 2007, image 'Inner Voices' Barb Levine 1994)

My friends had gathered,
and though their wild creaturely tongues
were unknown to me, I listened and nodded
in what I hoped were the right places.
Dark leaves against soft pearly sky,
hummingbird on her evening twig,
masked tricksters,
trees on the mountain
seemed all to be speaking a common language.
For a moment, I thought I understood,
as we sat together there in the stillness
dreaming we knew each other's names.

They have gone now,
following their secret trails in the dark,
I have remained here,
in their grace, unfolding like light.
(Sherri Rose-Walker 2008)

Right-hand page

At the top is a photo from an old Country Living magazine, below that a gorgeous painting of Hecate from an old We'Moon diary by Catherine Larsen (2005) symbolizing Hallowmas/Samhain. Below that is a powerful painting of a black panther/jaguar called 'Out of the Dark' by Jayne Dee (2010) with these words:

Speak to Me
Bring it on,
you shadowy
dark thing.
Give it to me. Right here.
Right now.
Spread your
black wings
and give me
the truth.
Whatever it is
I can handle it.
I can handle you,
the shadowy ugly moth
fluttering in the cage of my chest.
You have been fluttering there for years.
Banging against the bars of my heart.
Come here - let me have a look see
at your beady naked eye.

Ah, so you are scared too.
excerpt Heidi Hewett (2010)

And a gorgeous, albeit pretty old, Jessica Galbreth card finishes the board.

As I look over this Moonboard, I can definitely see themes of the turning year, the dark months approaching (in the northern hemisphere), and the veils between worlds thinning... 'Tis a magickal time, indeed!


  1. Hi Claire, beautiful as always. I can sense some mystery in this pages. Maybe your novel will be a mystery story. I saw the moon yesterday, gorgeous, supermoon again. I wish no clouds today and I can see her completely full today. Have a great full moon day/night.

    1. I will, Elizabeth, and you too :) Ever hopeful I'll see her tonight in all her lunar glory xx

  2. Loving your moon boards, Claire. Very inspiring. Good luck with your novel, a novel experience, eh? ;) Have fun. x

    1. Heehee! Thanks Wendy, so lovely to hear from you :) x


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