Monday, 5 October 2015

30 Days of Harvest - Day 20

I've missed a couple of days - enjoying a busy weekend celebrating hubby's birthday - but I'll catch up in my journal...

Today's focus is to honour the Harvest Queen as the Taker of Seeds, which I'm taking to mean Autumn is the time of change... the movement from life to death... (but always with the hope of rebirth!)

One of the reasons I love Autumn is that Nature puts on SUCH a beautiful display as plants and trees 'go to seed'... The journal prompt asks

How do you make peace with knowing that no beautiful thing lasts?

And my immediate response is that I find Beauty in the changing, in the dying, in the 'going to seed'!

How can one NOT find Beauty in this changing, dying bush?? Arguably it's more beautiful now than when it was all its lush, Summer greenness!

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  1. The "going to seed" garden is one of my favorites of the year - not only for the visual effects, but also the fact that I have to do absolutely NO work to make it happen! 8-) I just sit with my glass of sherry, light an afternoon pipe, and watch the magic happen.


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