Monday, 28 September 2015

Super Full Vine Moon Dreamboard

I was worried I wouldn't get this board done in time, as I've been ill all weekend (sore throat, pounding head, raised temperature...) And I feared I wouldn't get to see this Super Moon at all (I certainly missed the whole eclipse :( )

But look who greeted me this morning at 6am... 

Thankfully, I caught her just before she dipped behind the trees!

Creating the board, I took everything slowly and carefully, taking breaks throughout the day, and the words and images fair leapt onto the pages :)

Left-hand page

Starting at the top right is the Fall Equinox page from this year's We'Moon diary - I just love the words by Caroline Myers (2014):

The MATRONS are in charge.
The newness, brilliance and potential of those wyld blossoms, the Little Girls of Spring Equinox, now come to fruition as competency, self-confidence, and leadership in the Matrons of Fall Equinox...

And the 'Blue Corn Maiden' by Cher Lyn (2002) is just gorgeous!

Then are two similar paintings of groups of women (I'm afraid I don't know who they're by or from where they come originally), and I've added these words from this year's We'Moon diary by marna (2012):

women in circle
form a collective being,
a third eye through which
the earth oracles.

At the bottom of the page is an old business card of a local shop which sadly closed several years ago (truly, I throw NOTHING away!) And on it I've written these words from Sage/Priestess course by Vanessa Sage which arrived in my email box this morning:

Vine represents the abundance of the Season,
but also turning within...

There are more words from Vanessa on the opposite page - sometimes THE perfect words show up at THE perfect time :)

Right-hand page

The image of the stone staircase is from an Antropologie flier which came in the mail a few weeks ago, and I've attached a Yogi Tea label to the handrail which reads:

To learn, read.
To know, write.
To master, teach.

The stairs, to me, represent Demeter and Persephone as they descend into Hades, only to ascend in the Spring...

Then, there's a postcard of a child turning into a crow, and I've affixed these wise words from Rosemary Wyman (2010), clipped from this year's We'Moon diary:

If things are hard
it's temporary.
If things get easier
also temporary.

In the bottom right is a gorgeous Mark Hearld card I got for my birthday, and a beautiful painting called 'Red Head' by Irina Velkova, above which I've written Vanessa's words about the Season:

With expansion comes reflection.
With harvest comes sacrifice.

Words to ponder as the days shorten and the nights lengthen...

And I must close by showing my lovely Full Moon necklace which my dear, dear friend Tina made (it came in the post on Saturday). It's hard to show the silvery, bluey, textured surface... and can you see the wee moonstone bead??

And on the back...

Aren't I blessed???


  1. Hi Claire, I love everything in this post, your necklace is gorgeous! I've the We'moon diary too, I got last year because of you. I love it! Are you getting the 2016? I haven't ordered mine yet. I like the stone staircase photo, going up to many possibilities.
    I saw all the eclipse from my backyard, it was magical. I posted 2 photos in my blog yesterday. Hope you are feeling better. Hugs!

  2. I am so disappointed I didn't know last night was an ECLIPSE as well as a large full moon... but I did get to see Herself in all her glory this morning on my drive to work at 6:30AM. The sky was pink and blue and purple, and she looked like an enormous pearl up there. Today is Bear's and my 13th wedding anniversary, and the night of our first date was an eclipse, so last night's eclipse would have been one to see. Ah, well.

    Love your moon necklace! Lovely, like you.

  3. I love this. My favorite quote is, "women in circle
    form a collective being,
    a third eye through which
    the earth oracles."


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