Sunday, 12 July 2015

My Songline Collage

In the chapter on Emptiness (pp. 16-19), Mary suggests creating a collage to explore our desert soul landscape... words and images to create our unique 'songline'.

We find our internal music by discovering who we are in our deepest beings, when everything else is taken away (p. 18)

And you know how much I love to collage :D

Stuck straight into my journal... In the back of the mind, I had the poem I wrote on Wednesday... the strength, the beauty, the 'deep, juicy greenness'...

Left-land page

In the heat of the desert, I am being tempered, and shaped... It burns, it hurts, but I will end up being even stronger, more solid, more beautiful... like a Barbara Hepworth sculpture...

Right-hand page

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