Friday, 10 July 2015

Gekko wisdom

When I imagine my desert landscape, it is the African bush... it's what I know (I spent a year in Kenya [1987-88] and met my husband there). And I shared a home with these little guys - as in they inhabited the wee bungalow on the school compound - scurrying across the walls at night, resting in the day.

For some reason, I was never afraid of them. They are sweet-looking and inquisitive, but generally kept themselves to themselves...

As I re-read the desert chapters in Mary's book, and enter into Silence, Thirst, Simplicity, Clarity, Emptiness and Impermanence, I remember the gekko and I hear his song...


When you are in a strange place,
Do not be afraid.
Look around you,
Listen, and listen some more.

Settle into the place,
Feel secure in what you know.
That will not change,
Whatever the surroundings.

And if fear grips you,
Grabs you by the tail.
Let go,
Let your tail go.
You do not need it
Right now.

Scurry to safety,
To a shady spot.
And sit and wait...
Your tail, and your knowing,
Will grow again,
Stronger than before.

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  1. We love gekkos. Always look out for them on holidays abroad. They seem to ooze charisma :)


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