Tuesday, 16 June 2015

New Oak Moon dreamboard AND collage no. 16

The Mighty Oak is the king of the forest standing strong year upon year. It is rooted below the Earth as wide as its branches spread above it.

image from The Goddess Tree

In ways I'm coming to almost expect, this week's theme in The Artist's Way just so happens to be 'Recovering a Sense of Strength', being strong in a time of loss and disappointment. The Mighty Oak is the perfect image for this.

Here's my New Oak Moon dreamboard

The Celtic word for oak was duir which may be the root of 'door' and even 'druid', and the Oak Moon phase sits at the threshold between light and dark, includes the longest day (Summer Solstice) and is when the Oak King reigns supreme! Very soon, though, the Holly King will defeat him and reign over the waning year...

But right now, daylight and the Oak rule!!


And here's today's collage - simple and calming compared to the rather frenetic, image-packed dreamboard...

... which is rather how I'm feeling as we move into Summer proper - bursts of creative, sun-fired energy followed by long, cooling drinks and lazy evenings...

May you enjoy the full effect of Oak Moon's energies throughout this lunar month and be deeply strengthened :D x


  1. Hi Claire, still reading here and liking your boards, they keep me inspired. We are going into the winter solstice here, so its interesting to see our contrasting boards!

  2. ps I no longer blog but still do and make the moon boards.

    1. I'm so glad! I'd love to see them to compare Summer/Winter... If you wanted to send a message via the Contact Form we could share them via email ;) So very lovely to hear from you xx

  3. Hi Claire, beautiful post, I woke up very early today and went to the park to see the sunrise, and I saw that the trees were so gorgeous, strong and full of life, now reading your post, oak moon! I understood why. Happy new moon to you!

    1. Getting up early is such a joy at this time of year, isn't it? Happy new moon to you too, my lovely xxx

  4. I love that each new moon has it's own name and story. I've always looked to the moon but never known this.


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