Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Collage no. 17

I have this calendar on my desk and here's today's message:

After a fitful night's sleep (just couldn't get comfortable!), I took these words to heart as I made today's collage...

Left-hand page

The top image is from a magazine advert, the serene photo is from a Toast catalogue, I can never get enough Rumi wisdom, and I've no idea where the beautiful choir and handwriting images came from, but I love the pop of colour they bring :)

Right-hand page

Another Toast image, an old postcard, a black and white sunflower and random ephemera from Tim Holtz, I think.

The quote reads:
This moment, wide open, bring your love to the world.

I think there is a quiet contentment in this collage, don't you?


  1. I love these two pages, Claire. The word breathe is a mantra for me. It calms me immediately when I find myself getting anxious. xx

    1. Me too, Grace, it takes my attention from the anxiety to focus on my breathing, and to slow it down... I really enjoyed making this one :)

  2. And suggestions of travel, maybe just to a quiet inner space.


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