Saturday, 6 June 2015

Collage no. 6

In the spirit of full disclosure, I actually made this yesterday, as today we're in Oxford attending an Open Day here. Our daughter wants to study Architecture next year, so throughout June we're visiting various university Open Days to see what they offer... Exciting times :)

Left-hand page

Why washing should feature here, I've no idea... other than to me it represents home and family and care and love...

I typed out this quote by Twyla Tharp:

Art is the only way to run away
without leaving home.

I suspect my unconscious is mindful that next September our youngest child will have left home and officially Nick and I will be empty-nesters... (**gulp**)

Right-hand page

The words are from a bed advert, of all things, but I just love the script in which they're written...

The bird is from a glossy ad for outrageous jewellery by Cartier or Tiffany or some such - I cut away the hideous jewels (I'd honestly never buy such things if I were a multimillionaire - they scream wealth, with no sense of taste...) The bird, however, is quite, quite beautiful!

The angel postcard is hand-painted, but I've had her years and can't remember who did it - it's interesting there's an angel on each page... Maybe I'll 'entertain angels unawares' today...

Have a great Saturday whatever you're doing :)


  1. A lot of this speaks to me about the feelings I have about our daughter going off to uni. The bird, the laundry, the angel, floating houses are all lovely images of that. daughter is in her second year at York, having the time of her life. I still struggle a little with the not being able to keep her safe aspect of her being away.

    1. I'm so glad the images spoke to you... yesterday was quite a day (I'm exhausted!) but our daughter's buzzing... it's tough being a mama... holding and letting go...


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