Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Collage no. 10

So here we are - a third of the way through my month of collages, yay!

Yesterday I dipped into this book...

... and this caught my eye
Between our two lives,
there is also the life of
the cherry blossom.

Written by the Japanese poet Basho in the 17th century, this 

represents the exquisite and haunting beauty of the timeless essence of our true nature, which is found at the threshold between our two lives - the internal and the external worlds. Until the two are integrated, the cherry blossom symbolizes the presence of an inherent mystery that we might touch, savor, and honor, but of which we see only fleeting glimpses. In the second half of life we have the opportunity to become and radiate the life of the cherry blossom by returning home to our essential self. (pp. 20-21)

Inspired by this, here's today's collage

Left-hand page

Top right is an image called 'The Return' by Autumn Skye Morrison (2010) from an old We'Moon diary. I know these aren't cherry blossoms, but they're pink, blossom-like and equally fleeting... I don't know where the birdhouse illustration came from, and I think the archway photo is one of Susannah Conway's, and some wise words...

Right-hand page

The typed Goethe quote reads:

Personality is everything in art and poetry.

I'm quite sure the antler photo is by Susannah, but I don't know where the other images originally came from, I'm afraid. The words are clipped from magazines.

Have a wonderful Wednesday xx


  1. Hi Claire, a lovely Wednesday to you! great pages!

  2. Hi Claire, maybe you will be interesting in this one too, 30 days journal project with, I've registered!

    1. Me too :) Thanks for this, Elizabeth - I did Lisa's Roots e-course last year (or the year before...), and really enjoyed it! We're going to be busy this summer xx

  3. Oh Claire, how I love Bashö's haikus! He is amazing. Your collage work is so much fun to study, I especially love today's! Have a wonderful weekend! xx


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