Saturday, 9 May 2015

Reliving precious moments...

I've just found this book on my shelves.

It was given to me by a dear friend for Christmas 2001... It's only partly filled in, but the moments that are captured on the page are more precious than rubies...

Moments like playing eye-spy with Sam (aged about 6 years) on a rainy day... his answer to the letter 'C' - 'continuous rain'!! Esther (aged 4 years) 'writing' her shopping list and actually writing out m-a-n-g-o!!

Listing the things that give me pleasure... the expected 'my kids', 'my husband', 'a good book', 'chilled Chablis'; the less-expected 'line of clean washing' (with a wee drawing)! 

I've never been house-proud, but I always found doing laundry very therapeutic! I honestly grieved for it after the stroke - and it still pains me that I cannot do it :(

Then on a double-page, on which I stuck a wee Picasso drawing of a mother and child, I wrote my thoughts on motherhood... a dream I never thought would become real, after 3 miscarriages and a stillbirth... the sheer joy of the kids and their friends running through the house on a hot summer's day...

I dedicate this to all my US friends who celebrate Mother's Day tomorrow, mindful that 'being a mother' means more than actually having kids - friends who 'mother' the Earth, 'mother' their communities, 'mother their nieces and nephews'. 

May you all enjoy an extra-blessed day tomorrow!!


  1. Does having kitties and snakes count me in? No kids here, but I do a lot of washing, feeding, and caretaking all the same. Oh, and I take care of the birds, butterflies, and gardens too! Mother Nature, perhaps? 8-)

    1. Most certainly does count!! ANY caring/tending/nurturing = being a mother, in my book!! And yes, taking care of Mama Nature definitely counts, too :D xx

  2. Hi Claire, it's so good when we find some treasure lost on our shelves, all the memories that it brings back. I went to the very Virginia blog and found out you have closed it. I was wondering how could you keep up with many blogs. I like that you are condensed all in here. I hope you had a wonderful mother's day. Have a great week!

  3. Hi Claire! Found you!! More precious than rubies.... Very special indeed and I reckon could be the name of your next blog! Haha.
    I'm in the UK so just wanted to stop by to say hello :)
    Wren x


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