Monday, 18 May 2015

New Hawthorn Moon Dreamboard

I confess I found doing this dreamboard rather confusing and difficult, and I felt there was no clear message coming through...

From the very beginning of my practice of making these dreamboards (I started back in October 2013), I've used Amy Palko's Bloom by Moon, but I've had a sense for a while that something wasn't 'adding up'... not least, because Amy only has 12 lunar cycles, and there's usually 13 in a year.

Turns out, she doesn't have a Hawthorn  Moon, and had this cycle as the Oak Moon. Hence I was getting doorway/threshold images/messages mixed up with bloom/blossom images/messages, as I 'chose' images for this dreamboard. And that's why I wrote it was a new Oak moon, and I now need to amend that!

NOW the images make sense!! And the overriding message of 

Trust yourself - you know more than you think you do

is put into sharp relief! I knew something was off when I made the board. I knew the door images just weren't quite right. I knew the message of Blossoming Power was important, even though I wrote it small and at the bottom of the page. I've been 'sensing' (seeing/hearing/reading/imagining) these words for several months now...

But as I struggle with both the word and the concept of Power on sooooo many levels, I ignored my inner voice and trusted Amy's printed word instead...

Hence, as I now look at the board in detail, I see the messages were there, I just wasn't hearing them and trusting them...

Well, that's a powerful lesson!!

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