Thursday, 14 July 2016

Nurturing Thursday - Thought-provoking words...

Seriously pondering what truths I embody, what values I represent... I found these words the other day in an old journal and typed them on a copyright-free background image found on the internet.
Sharing with Becca on Nurturing Thursday.


  1. I followed you from Cate
    read a number of your posts
    and they bless me.
    Now this one now 80
    always healthy
    and now struggling with severe arthritis.
    I am so ashamed of my complaining
    after reading your words.
    Blessings sent to you this day
    from a cottage by the woods
    in Tennessee...

  2. Thank you for your very lovely comment :)
    My g'ma suffered with arthritis for half her life... Sending gentle virtual hugs x

  3. A great quote, Claire. I think our souls have a plan for us, but we forget to listen to them. So much of life is about learning to listen again.

  4. A great quote with a great deal of wisdom attached.
    A very nice nurturing this week.

  5. Yes, sometimes we don't need to push so hard to find answers because when we take the time to listen, they are already there!

  6. I love to read introspective pieces -- very nice for this week!
    Thank you for sharing with Nurturing Thursday!


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