Monday, 11 January 2016

Day 11 - Winter Haiku

Woke to the sad, sad news David Bowie has died... I adored him - posters of his androgynous beauty on my teenage bedroom walls, his curiously random yet melodic music filling the room... The Man Who Fell to Earth...

'Tis a day for playing my LPs and remembering...

Pounding rain on glass
Rhythm of my heart breaking
Ziggy Stardust's dead



  1. I was not a "fan"... didn't own his albums, didn't put up his posters, but I did enjoy his music, and am sad that he is gone. My rock idol, Peter Steele, died a few years ago, and I sympathize with what you're feeling today. There's an odd, removed pain - almost a guilty feeling - that comes with feeling deep loss over someone you never really knew in person. The connection is real, if only in our heads and hearts, so we feel the pain just as if there had been a personal relationship. It's amazing how a musician or an actor can come to be such a part of our lives because of our relationship to their art!

  2. You've not blogging for a long time (miss you) - you are right?


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