Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Tarot Tuesday - What a day...!!

It started badly... I woke in the wee hours unable to breathe... Thankfully it happens less frequently than it used it to - since the stroke and all of my right side being paralyzed, I've had trouble swallowing. Sometimes, I swallow and breathe at the same time and my throat closes up... I don't think it's life-threatening, but it sure is scary at the time!! But with Nick rubbing my back, and me concentrating on breathing through my nose, it all eventually calms down...

But I'm left with sore muscles (from coughing) and a very sore throat, and today I just felt emotionally whacked. I slept for most of the day, and even missed hydrotherapy...

Then, after a late lunch, I perk up a bit and pulled a card...

Yes, I did laugh out loud, as admitting you have trouble swallowing and breathing does make one feel a tad silly... But also because I starting reading this book this afternoon

No, I'm not embarking on any wiccan path, or training to be a Witch (however one understands that overloaded word!), but I am drawn to the combination of moon work (the 13 moons of the year), the 12 months of the calendar year, and the 7 chakras. Plus, it all starts in December at the festival of Yule, so the timing couldn't be more perfect!

So, on this New Elder Moon (in a couple of day's' time), I shall embark on this Fool's, this Initiate's journey... I'll be picking and choosing from this book, and several others on my shelf, and cobbling together a year of study that makes sense to me.

It's all part of my desire to make 2016 a year where I draw on my own wisdom, and working with what I already have as far as materials and resources. I am still working through my Sage Priestess course which finishes next May, and the 8-week Alternative tarot course, but I really want to focus on pulling all these disparate elements together, and carving my own path...
So, the Fool card couldn't be more perfect! 

I'd love to know if you're mulling over any plans for the New Year :)

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