Friday, 4 December 2015

My NaNoWriMo (Part 1)

Well, I didn't make the 50,000 words in the 30 days, but I DID write every day (even when sick), I DID get the beginnings of a novel written, I DID fill a good part of my massive tome, and yes, I AM pretty proud of myself for scribbling, with my left hand, 44,023 words!!

Now I've had time to process my NaNo experience, here are my conclusions:

  • I think NaNoWriMo is a wonderful idea. The website is great - all the virtual support they give is pretty amazing with great pep talks and an email every time you pass a landmark on your writing journey :)
  • Normally, I find November a very difficult month - the weather is cold and damp, the daylight gets less and less... But doing NaNoWriMo has truly got me through! I barely glanced out the window - I was on a mission :)
  • I really didn't think it was physically possible for me to write over 44,000 words with my left hand. But scribbling every day - sometimes barely 500 words, others over 2,000 - just proved that a little can amount to A LOT over time :)
  • I seriously struggled to maintain a story-line and characters over the 30 days... I don't even read fiction any more as my brain struggles to keep things straight... But I persevered :)
  • Only, after the whole event did I discover this - there is a group of NaNo Rebels who write in other genres, including NON-FICTION! Guess what I'll be doing next November??
  • And if I do decide to sign up again, I know I'll be a Planner - getting myself organized with an outline, and chapters, and a table of contents! This time I just wanted to see if I could actually write every day, and so I went with the flow as a Pantser. But this just meant I had no idea what was going on... I still don't :/
In the next post, I'll share more about the actual story. I confess I'm still a tad nervous about sharing this... I've spent a month with these folk in my imagination. They feel very real to me, but they may not to anyone else...

Till next time xx

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  1. I think you're amazing. I am just wondering why you chose to write it out by hand, instead of pecking it out on the computer. I did my NaNo on my computer - one of the benefits being that it gives you a word count instantly, without actually having to count. every. word. I've always hated math!

    Hugs, Marcheline of Mental Meatloaf (aka Mrs. Splapthing)


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