Wednesday, 11 November 2015

New Reed Moon dreamboard

As I'm beavering away to hit the halfway mark this weekend with the Novel, I don't have time to compose a proper blog post, I'm afraid :/

So here's pics of my dreamboard - I was surprised by a few of the images - especially the two Magicians - but as I'm trying to create a whole world from simple words scribbled on paper pages, maybe I'm not surprised really...


Left-hand page

The image top left is from my Rima Staines calendar and is called 'The Wing Giver' (I adore her work!), and the piece of text to the right of it reads:

You will always find
Another place to go
You will always find
Another womb to grow
To grow a new home

I've no idea where I clipped it from...

Right-hand page

It's not a great photo, I'm afraid - the words 'Silent Witness' appear on the image top-left, clipped from a magazine, and I've written under the date 'feel the magic...'

Can you feel it??


  1. THis is a very beautiful and spacious collage. I think participating in nanowrimo is so brave! It takes a lot of courage to face this kind of pressure

    1. It does have a feeling of space, doesn't it, Ellen, thanks for highlighting that :) I'm actually enjoying the pressure (kind of), and I AM enjoying the discipline of writing every day. Whether or not I hit the 50,000 words at the end of the month, it's already been a very worthwhile exercise :D x

  2. Love the images in your dream board, and I do feel an energy from your dream board. thanks for sharing this.


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