Saturday, 31 October 2015

Wishing you a blessed Samhain/Hallowmas

Those who've known me for a while, know I have a problem with Halloween... I HATE the commercialism of it all. When the kids were little, yes, we went Trick or Treating all dressed up, carved pumpkins, etc. But the focus was on shared family time, and not on who had the best costume or collected the most candy!

For it's always been a special holiday for me... knowing - even before I could express it - that the veil between worlds was thinning... Feeling the closeness of departed loved ones (I've always loved the All Hallows' Day/All Saints' Day service), when the local vicar would read out the names of 'the dear departed'... It was always SUCH a quiet, thoughtful time - everyone lost in their own memories, yet sharing the collective comfort of just being together, remembering...

So, with all these thoughts swirling, I cleansed and anointed my special objects...

...and rearranged my altar for the coming dark months.

I flipped my altar cloth to the darker pattern. I chose some different precious pieces to place on it, while keeping others that I simply have to view every day...

I just love this Moon Mother icon by Jan Fowler, she makes my Soul sing! And my beloved meditation stone gifted by Lois and my delicate carnelian prayer beads hand-strung by Sanja. Mr Barn Owl is from an elderly relative's extensive owl collection - she's now in a care-home and can't display ALL her treasures. She invited me to choose my favourites :) 

.As I worked, I listened to this. I found this track on Youtube - just love these graphics :)



  1. Claire, I loved the video and your post. Off to create a different altar on this day. Love the owl figurine.


  2. Beautiful altar Claire! Blessed Samhain/ Hallowmas


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