Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Tarot Tuesday - A day late...

Last Monday (12 October 2015), under the New Moon, I started this online Tarot course... 

As I've shared earlier, I have had a very on-off relationship with Tarot :/ But, I sense now is the time to give it another go...

I intend to share thoughts and findings as a weekly post on Tuesdays, as worldwide, this seems to be the designated day for it :) Yesterday, I was unwell, hence I'm posting today.

Here's the deck I'm using to learn with...

While, I'm not crazy with its name (I have NO intention to practise witchcraft, or to use Tarot for divinatory purposes), the deck is inspired by the Moon and the Goddess, and it's simple, bold images are great for a learner :)

It's hard to get a good photo, but I love the silvery edges to the cards, which are made of heavy card and are the perfect hand-size (4.5in x 2.5in). The only down-side is the cards (and the book) are very shiny and a tad slippery - a challenge for a one-handed shuffler!!

Now, while the deck and full-colour book come in a smart, magnetized box (so easy to open and close!), I always prefer to keep my cards in a bag...

This beautiful object was made lovingly and skilfully by Sandra, and my cards are resting in the lap of luxury when not in use :D

And now to the cards...

As soon as I saw The Fool and the Magician online a few months ago, I knew I had to buy this deck! The imagery is SO me!!

And I love everything about the 'dreaded' Death card - it beautifully illustrates the true meaning of the card - change and transformation.

At the moment, I am drawing a card a day, and as Beth suggests I'm writing down my own first thoughts before I look at the enclosed book's meaning.- her course is all about trusting one's insights and thoughts, rather than getting the 'right' meaning!

As my intention is to use Tarot for self-discovery and self-expression, rather than to become a professional Tarot reader, I think Beth's approach is the perfect fit for me at this time :)

And here's today's card...

Now, I know how I respond to this, and how it makes me feel, but I love to know what others think/feel...


  1. Hi Dear Claire, I love it, moon in all the cards. I confess I was I little surprise seen 'witchcraft' in there, I thought 'what is happening with my friend?' but now I understand why you bought it. Looking at today's card, I think about women friendship and life, is one of the ladies pregnant, or it is my eyes?

    1. Yes, I think she is, Elizabeth! I think they are the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone of the Triple goddess... Well, that's what I see, anyway :D All women, all ages, bonded together in joy, celebration and friendship - what a tribe!! xx

  2. I love the images you have shown in the deck. You know how I love the moon so these images also spoke to me, Especially love the 3 of chalices. I too like to put my card decks in bags, I have used handwoven scraps to make them.


    1. I bet it makes the cards feel extra-special when you make the bag yourself - from scratch!! Do you have a favourite deck, Kate? xx

  3. To me, the card looks like they're bringing joyful energy into life. :)

    1. It certainly does, Meg! Thanks for this :) xx

  4. I wish you a wonderful and magical journey with your new deck. Tarot can be such a wonderful tool for self development and spiritual growth. I've been studying it for years now and still every day, I am learning something new :)

    1. Thank you, Ellen, for this lovely, lovely comment :) I'm sooooo looking forward to learning - and learning some more!


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