Monday, 12 October 2015

New Ivy Moon dreamboard

I've been moving very slowly today (I had a hypo in the night...), but I was determined to get today's dreamboard made. I started making New Moon boards last October, so I SO didn't want to miss my anniversary :)

Left-hand page

It's a pretty stark page, but I love how the reindeer antlers mirror the bare branches...

And I wrote out these words from this week's We'Moon diary:

I boldly take up
the shadows,
wear them
like midnight silk,
honour them
for their part
in me.

Nell Aurelia (2013)

Right-hand page

And here on this page are two more images from We-Moon - Encountering Shadow, with a powerful painting called 'A Friend of Nancy's' by Sophia Rosenberg (2013) and this wonderful poem by Holly Wilkinson (2013) with a lovely image called 'Willomaiaa' by Dorrie Joy (2008):
The Shadow Seamstress

Three doors down,
easily passed by
in the light of day, the shadow seamstress
stitches webs of the world.
For a few sous, she will
re-shape your woes, worries
and night wanderings.

Come she calls,
when gloom envelopes you.
Come when your heart is laden
with piles of soiled dreams
and tarnished plans.

She will warm a cup of tea
while you wait,
take a tuck here
loosen a tightness there,
turning your fears into lace.
[I LOVE that line!!]

No, she cannot cut you free from darknesses you carry.
A lover of shapes and shadows, she simply desires we embrace
our intricate wholeness.

And the page is finished off with a page from last year's quote-a-day calendar:

All good things are Wild & Free

Henry David Thoreau

and a beautifully pensive model from this season's Toast catalogue.

I am definitely moving into hibernation mode... the desire to sit in the shadows, exploring my own shadows...

Bring on the Darkness :)


  1. That model reminds me of Sylvia Plath. Maybe not so much physically - just the idea of her, the aura she has.

  2. Don't know how my last comment ended up on the wrong post - I was commenting on the model for "Toast" that you mentioned... somehow it ended up here. Ah, well... in any case, I love your "as above so below" trees...


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