Sunday, 13 September 2015

New Vine Moon dreamboard

I began this last night in the deep darkness, with a stiff Autumn wind blowing outside... But all was calm and candle-lit inside...

Left-hand page

Two pages from a very old Toast catalogue dominate this page with the words

Resonant to the Touch, Sieving the Wind
Listen to the Wind

Then I added this question from Amy Palko's Bloom by Moon 

What seed-dreams do you whisper to the wind?

Yep, there's a theme to this page :)

The pops of orange convey that this isn't passive listening... This wind is definitely energizing!

And the wee stickers on the bottom right picture read 'Observe' and 'Tiny Pleasures'.

Right-hand page

Not the best photo, I'm afraid, with shadows of the mullioned window cast over the images...

Two pages from an old Papaya Art diary dominate this page - the image top right bears the word 'Wonder' and underneath is this quote by Howard Thurman:

A dream is the bearer of a new possibility, 
the enlarged horizon, the great hope.

Then there's a postcard with this Andrew Wyeth quote:

I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting.

I believe the wee picture underneath is by Wyeth - a gorgeous study of light through a window. And another pop of colour with jars of gorgeous preserved fruits - yum!

Then at the top left is a page from a more recent Toast catalogue with a wonderful extract from A Land (1951) by Jacquetta Hawkes:

Walking between the high, crumbling cliffs and the sea, one is exposed to the assault of time. The great depths of soft, grey-blue soil suggest memory itself, To abandon oneself to them is like moving in that smoky world which is reached by moving among the images of the past stored in one's own brain. And there embedded in them are the perfect spirals of the ammonites, the slender cones of belemnites...

A writer I knew nothing about, but what an exceptional woman?! I've ordered the book, and I cannot wait to read it.

And I cannot wait to see how the rest of September (a favourite month!) unfolds... Possibilities are bubbling :) 


  1. Hello Claire, thanks for reminding me of the new moon today. Vine moon, interesting. I love the little lady with the red flowers around, she seems a little sad, maybe waiting the right time to bloom. Have a lovely Sunday and happy new moon to you!

    1. It's interesting, Elizabeth, that you see her as sad... I see her as listening intently to the blooms blowing in the wind :)
      It's all in the eye of the beholder, isn't it??
      Wishing you a blessed Sunday xx

  2. So all this lovely dreamboarding has me wondering.... do you have a massive stack of books and magazines that you've collected over time that you get cuttings from, or do you actively seek out new pieces as you go along? When I was in college, I used to send completely wacky, funny letters to friends and family using words and phrases cut from magazines. I had to get a lot of magazines, though, to pull from. What is your modus operandum?

    1. I have 10 drawers of 'stuff' - clippings from old magazines, diaries, birthday cards, junk mail, pre-cut collage elements - which I've gathered for over a decade! Perfect excuse for never throwing anything away :)
      If you ever want a wee stash, just ask, and I'll post some over the water xx

  3. Wonderful board Claire. I always get inspired by your images. Wish we had a catalogue like toast here. Let me know how you like the book, its sounds interesting.

    1. I will indeed, Kate :)
      Have you made a board this time, or are you just doing the Full Moons?

    2. I have a New Moon Board up now, I am a little later than you. I usually do it the date of the New Moon so it takes awhile for it to appear.


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