Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Day 8 - Merry Mabon :)

I know not everyone 'recognizes' the name 'Mabon' (it's relatively new, apparently) for Autumn Equinox, but I like it, and it's less of a mouthful for someone who still struggles with certain word and sound combinations!

So, Merry Mabon everyone!

I couldn't wait to change the Goddess Wheel on my altar this morning... Here's what she has to say (printed on the back on her image):

Feel me as Mother Earth
I am your rock of strength.
Rest at this space of balance, where day and night
are equal and prepare to journey with me
into the dark.
I am the setting sun, I am the waning moon.
I am the Autumn leaves
as they fall into me, I am Earth.
Feel My presence,
firm beneath your feet.
Treat Me with respect.
I will hold you safe
in the darkness of your
I am your rock of strength.


Then, I burnt a special Mabon incense made with rose petals and juniper berries...

... and anointed my precious objects with Mabon oil...

My wee Forest Guardian was grateful (she does dry out over the weeks between festivals!) She now smells divine :)

And look what a gift I found nestling on the altar... A wee cluster of faeries :)

As I smudged and cleansed the altar, they danced and alighted here, snug and safe at the back - protected by my Mary stone, my gorgeous Willow Spirit antler and my Red Tent Mama :)

Such Beauty abounds at this time of year... the turning leaves, the ripe crops, the plump fruit... And last night this...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. Happy Mabon, Claire! What a lovely altar - sending you Goddess Blessings! Thank you for stopping by Goddess Card Readings! xo

  2. Your altar is gorgeous -- looking at these photos left me feeling inspired and protected. :)

    1. How lovely is that, Meg?! Bless you :) xx


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