Wednesday, 30 September 2015

30 Days of Harvest - Day 15

Today's email inspiration is another beautiful prayer by Caitlin Matthews:

I take the cloak of covering
from the fruits of nine trees:

blessing of cherry,
richness of plum,
knowledge of apple,
melody of pear,
sweetness of peach,
brightness of orange,
ecstasy of grape,
sharpness of lemon,
fertility of fig.
Nine fruits and nine flavours
to preserve my soul
in peace this day.

May the blessing of the Renewer of Hearts
accompany me this Autumn day.

And the photo prompt is Savouring Autumn Fruits - a neighbour's 'melody of pear' hanging invitingly over the fence...

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  1. Can you imagine the flavor of a wine made with all nine of these? It would be illegal, probably, due to deliciousness overload!


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