Saturday, 29 August 2015

Super Hazel Moon Dreamboard

Sadly, I wasn't able to see any Moon - Super or otherwise - thanks to thick cloud cover both last night and this morning :(
But I can certainly feel the energy...

A LOT has gone on in this wisdom-soaked Hazel month, on lots of levels, and I think that's reflected in this image-laden dreamboard...

Left-hand page

Starting with an evocative Greg Spalenka postcard, on the back of which were these words:

Desire, ask, believe, receive

And I have been doing this a lot this month! A few weeks ago I read this book and one of the things I journalled about was the desire to be useful, interested and interesting, and to feel once again the sheer joy of learning I had experienced at university...

And what d'ya know, since starting Vanessa's training course I have not stopped learning and experiencing new things - many of them in vivid dreams... I've been a reindeer and a rabbit and a butterfly so far! A whole area of my life has been opened up to me...

The other images are pretty self-explanatory but if you can't quite see them, the wee stickers say 'Nurture' and 'Legacy'...

Right-hand page

I don't know where the blue postcard came from originally, but the beautiful Elen of the Ways card is from here. Below Elen are two wee stickers with the words Learn and Discover, and more found words Celebrate Your Sacred Flame.

On the bottom is a page from an old Susan Seddon Boulet diary with the image of Guinevere (no date) and this quote:

No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life our made. Destiny is made known silently.
Agnes de Mille

A wee business card for this favourite artist and an image from an old We'Moon diary called 'Traveller on the Threshold' by Cathy McClelland (2002). I certainly feel I'm a traveller on the threshold of a land of dreams and experiences I could never have imagined even a month ago... 

Who knows what the remaining months of 2015 will bring??


  1. Hi Claire, I couldn't see her either, cloudy here too. But like you I felt it, couldn't sleep well these 2 last nights, love the board, the butterfly is my favourite, seems those hands are trying to fly to freedom. Have a great Sunday!

  2. Your dreams and vision boards are so lovely and fascinating Claire. I just love coming here to gaze upon your latest words, quotes and boards. Sweet dreaming and creating! MW

  3. Love your creative dream boards Claire and the thought that's gone into them.

  4. Claire -- such lovely journal pages! :)

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    2. looks like I can automatically leave comment with Google link but not WP ... have a great weekend!


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