Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Pondering Fire...

I confess Fire isn't my favourite Element... I'm an Earth girl through and through... But reading Vanessa's words on Fire in my course notes inspired me to make this collage...

Fire is about energy... rising... cleansing... and as the current forest fires around the world attest, devastating destruction!

The pieces on the right-hand page include a page from an old WeMoon diary with Hrana Janta's image of the Erinyes, the Furies (1989) and this poem by Amber Bijen Maywald (2007):
There is a Rising

There is a Rising in the slate blue clouds above the Earth,
as they stack up against each other
like the wounds I carry on my shoulders
from centuries of history to this moment.

There is a Rising in my blood
full of heat and righteous fury
as the thoughts and dreams of my Ancestors
course through me.

There is a New Way Rising
which is an Old Way being born again
through the Hearts and Minds and Actions
of Women who want to heal the World.

I read this aloud as a summer storm raged yesterday - black angry clouds, lashing rain, crashing thunder overhead quickly followed by lightning flashes... It was quite a spectacle!! And boy, could I feel the power and energy as I tapped into the Element of Fire!!

But also in this collage there is a quieter aspect of Fire... the Untitled Susan Seddon Boulet image (1974), mirroring the large fashion photo on the left, with this quote:

Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection
to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.
Barbara de Angelis

Which speaks to me of my lifelong love of staring into the fire in the grate on winter nights, captivated by the images, and stories, unfolding in the flames...

As shown in this mesmerizing image (and wonderful words) by Ankya used with kind permission :)

Woman in the Fire heart emoticon

Burning up all that is no longer needed,
Fire reminds us to be free and shine
Brightly in the night sky
Mirroring this crone's wisdom so beautifully

Already I'm deeply aware there's much more to this Fire Element than I first realized... I'd love to know what the Element of Fire inspires in you - I feel like such a novice in this regard...

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  1. Fire for me represents raging energy, maybe how I used to be. There's something about building a fire carefully and tending it, so it doesn't burn out too quickly, which is relevant now. I also see Fire as on the edge, it can so quickly destroy as well as bring warmth and life.


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